Puppy plans

Puppyplans will be announced here 

Are you buying a puppy?


Be prepared, a dog with a good behaviour is a happy dog!

If you want to give your puppy the best start in life, learn as much as possible about dog training and dog behaviour!


Bring your puppy to puppyclass so it can sosialize with other puppies. Bring your puppy to a various different situations, then nothing will scare him as an adult.


A happy dog with the right training knows what rule applies, and will be happy to follow your rules.

Always praise him when ever he does something good, also when he lay down to relax.


Remember the wise words of Cæsar Milan: Rules, boundaries, then affection.


Please contact me if any questions and I will help you the best I can!


Good luck with your new best friend!


Valpene selges med:

* stamtavle

* registrert i NKK

* øyelyst 

* ID-merking (microchip)

* helseattest fra veterinær 

* kjøpsavtale fra NKK

* forsikret i Agria

* Informasjonshefte om vaksiner, stell og valpens utvikling