Minnlett`s Really Special - Prins




                              Foto: Irene Mjelde


Minnlett`s Really Special - Prins,

Born: 03.10.09

Color: Blue Merle

Height: 37,0 cm

Eyes: Clear

Tested: 22/3-11 PRA clear,

Teeth: Full dentition

HD - A

AD - A




BIS3 puppy

BIG1 puppy

BIG2 puppy

BOB puppy

BOS puppy

2. best male














































































































Minnlett`s Next Surprise - Ziko

Foto: Irene Mjelde

Minnlett`s Next Surprise - Ziko,

Born: 18.10.08

Color: Sabel

Height: 38,5 cm

Eyes: CRD at age 8 weeks.

Tested 22/3-11 PRA/CRD Clear, Distichiasis/Ektopisk Cillier, mild. (feilstilte øyehår)

Teeth: Born with full set of teeth. but P4 in the underjaw is removed due to an inflammatory reaction.




HP = Price of Honour


3rd best male





                     Prins - Minnlett`s Really Special (Fairyhome`s Saturday Night Fever x Minnlett`s Classic Dream)


                                                                                                         Prins 18 months.






                                                                                                                                                         Prins 2 1/2 years Pedigree
Minnlett's Really Special NO58438/09 Fairyhome's Saturday Night Fever  S17199/2007 NORD INT FIN UCH EECH  Sheldon Space Joker  S45954/2001 N UCH NV-96-98-02 Kindergate The Joker  19085/96
S UCH  Conspirol Space Flower   S50059/99
Ohinima's Princess Image  S16098/2001 Maryville Star Maker   S55972/2000
 S UCH  Ohinima's Red Rose   S48692/97
Minnlett's Classic Dream                21728/03 S N UCH  Seavall Tipple   S11480/2000 The Meadsman At Myriehewe   KCSB1036BZ
Seavall Bianca  KCT523801T04
Tunmark's Fairy Footstep   01072/02 INT N S UCH WW-03   Poulsgaards Be My Talisman    DK01793/2000
Caravan Princess Bluebell            12248/97




Minnlett`s Next Surprise (N UCH Tunmark`s Pride And Joy x Moorwood Sweet Maple)



                 Ziko 3 years                                                                                                                             Ziko 3 years


Minnlett's Next

Surprise 27746/08

N UCH Tunmark's Pride And Joy 18605/06 S UCH N UCH Ha-Dar Winning Edge AKCSBDL84477203 US CH Dan Dee Tara Hillinfiniti AKCSBDL71907001
Ha-Dar Watch Out Woman Driver AKCSBDL78948401
N UCH Hillacre Heat O The Nite ANKCSB3100047711 Hillacre Try By Knight ANKCSB3100008690
AUST CH Hillacre Hawaii Blue ANKCSB1661739
Moorwood Sweet Maple S18035/2003 INT NORD DK LUX PORT UCH VV-01 Moorwood Handsome Boss S23932/96 INT S N UCH Nigma Saffron S47337792
S UCH Moorwood Theme For A Dream S10986789
Nigma Fudge S12416/2001 AU CH Nigma Rebellion ANKC1574880
Nigma Sayonara ANKC1611662